Idanha-a-Nova Cidade Criativa da Música
Rede de Cidades Criativas da UNESCO,
desde 11 de dezembro de 2015.
Música na Quarentena - Revivendo o Boom em Tempos de Reflexão

Música Na Quarentena - Revivendo O Boom Em Tempos De Reflexão


 "Music and Culture in the Quarantine ::

We're in March 2020 and the present global COVID-19 pandemic is compelling Boomers all over the world to stay indoors. It is a great opportunity to reflect , consider scenarios, meditate ‍♂️, but also dance .

So why not make use of what we have available to learn and have some fun in these uncertain times?

"Cultura na Quarentena - Vídeos Boom Para Tempos de Reflexão", portuguese for "Culture in the Quarantine - Boom Videos in Times of Reflection", is a compilation of Boom-related knowledge.

We’ve hand-picked didactic and cultural videos from the #BoomWebTV and our psychedelic channel #BoomBroadcast into a single playlist.

From documentaries to festival diaries, official movies and even Liminal Village talks on a plethora of topics, this cultural selection will inspire you today and in the weeks to come, hopefully contributing to a brighter future. The world needs each and everyone of us for a regenerative culture.

"Música na Quarentena - Revivendo o Boom em Tempos de Reflexão" portuguese for “Music in the Quarantine - Revisiting Boom in Times of Reflection", is a compilation of Boom-related music.

We’ve carefully selected a series of sets from our #BoomRadio and compiled them into an audio-journey, which will take you from Boom dj sets, live sets, and podcasts featuring atmospheric soundscapes, eclectic beats and the most exhilarating psychedelic sounds.

Remember to take good care of yourself and others around you. Being well informed about the virus and applying basic health care in your daily routine is paramount to avoiding contagion."  Boom Festival Official

May we find peace. We Are One. 

Grupo Rosmaninhal
A vitalidade das tradições quaresmais de Idanha-a-Nova reflete-se, mais uma vez este ano, nos convites endereçados a grupos do concelho para apresentarem os seus cantares em diferentes pontos do país.[...]
Idanha-a-Nova acaba de ser classificada como Cidade da Música, no âmbito da Rede de Cidades Criativas da UNESCO.[...]
O Encontro Internacional As Cidades Criativas e a Música, que decorreu entre os dias 26 e 28 de Fevereiro último, em Idanha-a-Nova[...]
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